Where do you see yourself in the next 20 years? Or better still, where do you see your nation “

Kenya” in the next 20 years? That is what Vision 2030 is all about. This is the best time for you to project into where you want to be in line with the vision.

Vision 2030 aims at transforming

Kenya into “a newly industrializing, middle income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens in a clean and secure environment”.

In order for a vision to become a reality, certain steps need to be taken in between. As individuals here are a few pointers on how to ‘get with the programme’:

·         Take sometime to look through Vision 2030. You may be in your 30’s or 40’s by the time 2030 comes around but this is the day to find out where to position yourself before that time comes. Look at how the career you are taking is in line with the direction Kenya is going. Do you see a need that the Government wants you as an entrepreneur to meet? 

·         Make better use of your skills- Play your role. Kenya is faced with challenges that need your contribution. Are you in school? Study with understanding and not just for exams! Are you skilled in agriculture? Help your community in learning how to preserve food when there is a bounty harvest! Whichever field you hope to be in, look for ways of translating your skills into providing solutions. The more people adopt this, the closer we are to achieving our Vision 2030.

·         Be proactive. While there are pressing problems especially in getting employment, as young people we can choose to be proactive. You have skills that can be translated into income given the opportunity. Open your eyes.

Where do you place yourself in Vision 2030?

In order to understand how to best position yourself here is a deeper look at the economic pillar and the key sectors that were identified.

Vision 2030 is anchored on three pillars: Economic; Social; and Political Governance. The economic pillar aims to achieve an economic growth rate of 10 per cent per annum and sustaining the same till 2030. Six key sectors have been identified to deliver the 10 per cent economic growth rate per annum envisaged under the economic pillar:

·         tourism;

·         agriculture;

·         manufacturing;

·         wholesale and retail trade;

·         Business Process Outsourcing (BPO);

·         and financial services.

It is clear that across all these sectors a few things are common:

The Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT):   If you are going to be a great part of the Vision, you need to embrace ICT. The role of ICT in building and growing the economy cannot be underestimated and you need to join in. Did you know that Kenya aims to become the top Business Process Outsourcing destination in Africa?

The Role of Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation: Kenya is counting on young minds and creative thinkers to turn around the industries that have existed. Through entrepreneurship and innovation, the key sectors can be transformed and the country can be headed to industrialization even earlier than anticipated. Do you now see your role?

Read. Plan. Act.

Here is a quote from the President on Vison 2030. “The journey to 2030 will require; sacrifice, hard work, self-discipline and determination. I am confident that Kenyans will meet these challenges, in order to make our country globally competitive and prosperous, where every person will enjoy a high quality of life.”


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